Monday, April 14, 2014

The Easter Bunny Doesn't Bring Presents!

For a moment, I was torn. An almost overwhelming desire to shower my kiddo with sweet expressions of adoration--that is, Easter candy--almost took over while I was in Kroger this morning. Fortunately, I came to my senses before buying too much candy. 

Even a Mean Mommy can be tricked by consumerism, that urge to prove your worth/love/social standing by buying more, more, more. 

Easter used to be a primarily Christian holiday, with some pagan aspects thrown in to keep the kids happy. Now, however, Easter is a spring event, and, as such, has become a candy holiday. (Hey, it happens. You can even find chocolate "coins" for St. Patrick's Day. What does that have to do with driving the snakes out of Ireland? Stick with potatoes and beer, people. But I digress...)

It doesn't end with the candy, though. Oh, no. Look at any pre-made Easter baskets, and you will find a lot of non-candy items (meaning toys) as well. Easter as just a religious or candy holiday is over. Now parents are pressured to give their kids yet another stuffed bunny plus a plethora of other toys in addition to candy for Easter. 

I can't do it! I faltered in the candy aisle, but I won't cave to pressure. OK, not too much. One bunny, a few Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the pretty pastel wrappers, some jelly beans...and that's all the candy (at least from hubby and me). Throw in some bubbles and we can call it a day, right? Why bubbles? Because bubbles must be played with outside, and there's sure to be some running around involved in chasing them.

Except...the devil on my one shoulder is telling me that other mommies are giving their kids huge, ginormous Easter baskets overflowing with goodies because they love their kids so much. I must do the same or the kiddo will think I don't love her as much. 

On my other shoulder, though, sits the angel who is calmly reminding me about high fructose corn syrup, saturated fats, and artificial everything else.

So I'm going to stop with the obsessing over candy and toys, and make some "coupons" for the kiddo for over Spring Break, which comes directly after Easter. The coupons are going to be for fun things she and I can do together to keep us busy, and to keep us active. That way we can work off the Easter candy in no time!  

When the kiddo goes back to school after Spring Break, will she be envious of her friends and classmates who received loads of stuff? Probably. Will she be healthier? Eh, maybe. Will I feel good about my decision? I should, but it depends on that devil on my shoulder...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sure, You Can Have a Phone.....

Kids and cell phones...when is a kid ready for one? Ask my kiddo, who has seen someone go on YouTube to bring up "Gangnam Style" on their phone, or play "Angry Birds" and she will tell you that she needs a phone right now.

I don't have a smart phone, but my kiddo knows that I have her friends' parents' numbers magically stored away in mine and at the ready in case I want to call them to set up a play date. I can also text on my phone, which serves the same purpose and lets her see cute pix sometimes. So, in the kiddo's mind, she needs a phone. 

Even friends of mine who have older kids complain that their kids are on their phones too much instead of interacting with the family. One friend's teenage son took 30 minutes away from his phone in order to drive a short stretch of a family road trip, then had to take even longer to "catch up on his correspondence".

While some kids--old enough to be responsible with a phone but not yet old enough to drive--may need phones to call mom or dad for a ride, a 7-year-old just doesn't. 

The kiddo's BFF sees her older sisters on their phones and asks when she is going to get one...the answer? Her mom will get her a phone when I get one for my kiddo. 

(Oh, kids, moms always get the last laugh!)