Saturday, May 10, 2014

What I Want For Mothers Day 2014


1.  Take the 'h' out of the whine.

2.  Go a whole day without saying the word 'poop'. Or spelling it. I know how to spell it.

3. Give me one day without hearing "Let It Go".

4. Let me use the bathroom without interruptions.This includes the times I go in there just for some peace.

5. Pick up your toys and put them away. Shoving them under your bed or throwing them into your tent doesn't count.

6. No dilly. No dally. Can we be on time for once?

7.  Play with your toys. Read your books. You know, the ones you asked for? 

8. Let me talk on the phone without interruptions, made up emergencies, or counting in Spanish.

9.  No arguing or negotiating. Just for one day. OK, half a day.

10. Let me sleep in. And take a nap. And go to bed early so I can, too.

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