Monday, August 27, 2012

The Kid Needs a Mean Mommy

I am sooo glad that school has started! Not because I'm happy to see the kiddo go (I'm so proud of her, but I miss her during the day), but because I'm happy to see the neighbor's grandson go. Or rather, not go to the neighbors' house every day. He and my kiddo would talk and play through the fence, but his behavior was unacceptable--and it brought out the mean mommy in me.

First, he told the kiddo that nobody liked her. She has tons of friends and cousins who adore her, but in that instant she doubted everything. Then, another time, he talked her into climbing over the fence, but when she realized that she was going to get in tons of trouble, she started to climb back over...and he yanked on her leg to stop her, resulting in a scratch. Then he had the nerve to say "I hate you"!

So, I was believing my mom's advice, telling myself that he just liked the kiddo and wanted attention. Until he tried to hit her over the head with a hammer. I yelled at him and told him that the kiddo would not be playing with him anymore because he is not nice. That didn't stop him from talking to her, though, and later he said that the next time he saw her, he was going to kill her. I posted on my personal FB page my concerns about his behavior, and the overwhelming response was that he is a serial killer in the making.

The last incident, though, really made me mad. I went outside and started yelling for the punk to come to the fence. He ran and hid. So his grandmother and I had a talk about his threats and violent words, and she told me that the kid has anger issues. Really??

I hope that nobody reading this has a mean (or rotten psycho) kid, but hypothetically speaking, would you be mad at me for yelling at your kid if he or she did something rotten?


  1. Depends, If I were that kids parents I would probably be in denial. So yes, I'd be mad. You'll notice that parents of great kids that are well rounded, understand boundaries, and respect restrictions will usually be glad when you catch something they missed.

  2. So the question to the Grandmother is, what is she going to do about said "anger issues"? Is she going to make excuses for the kid, until he is a teenager and actually old enough to act out the horrible threats he is making? Sorry, but he has to be learning these things from somewhere? Children aren't born knowing how to make threats like this. They hear them and repeat them. So is it TV / Media or a violent home? I agree you need to yell at the kid, but he also needs way more than that to truly change his behavior. If the parents are upset, that is too bad!!! No, if my kids said any of those things I would want to know right away, and want to know that they were corrected immediately.