Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Snack TIme

There hasn't been any need for me to be mean today, but I feel it coming on. The kiddo asked for an apple from our plentiful supply (CSAs rock!) and wouldn't relent. She was hungry. Since she was asking for a healthy snack, I couldn't exactly say 'no', except....we have to use up these apples before the next delivery. And, we are having leftovers for dinner tonight and I have to fill in the gaps, so I had planned on fried apples (a somewhat sweet side dish or a not-too-sweet dessert).

I expressed my concerns to the kiddo but she really wanted the apple. Then, I issued my ultimatum: she could eat an apple for a snack, but she wouldn't be able to have any of the fried apples. We will be having a bit of cantaloup as well, so it's not like she will be that deprived, but honestly, she eats so much fruit, I don't want her to have, uh, bathroom issues.

Though there was absolutely no argument when I explained the terms and conditions of the apple-snack--really, there was no sound other than crunching--I'm expecting cries of "it's not fair!" when dinner is served and there's an empty spot on the kiddo's plate.

For me it's a no-brainer: what's worse--a bit of whining and complaining and begging and pleading and bargaining, or a tummy ache and the aforementioned issues?

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