Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We Interrupt This Dinner For Basic Hygiene

I have been known to interrupt dinner to remind the kiddo to wash her hands. Tonight, I had to interrupt for another reason...

The kiddo was happily noshing on her pasta, marinara sauce, peas and broccoli, and crossed her legs ("criss cross apple sauce") to get more comfortable. That was when I saw the bottoms of her feet. They weren't white. They weren't even pink. They were black. Ugh. In a split second I envisioned those feet on the carpet, the couch...nooooo!

So I made the kiddo get up, go into the bathroom and scrub those feet! I'm not a fan of colder weather, but at least when it's cold out, she will have to wear shoes or boots, and she knows darn well to take them off and leave them at the door.

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