Thursday, December 26, 2013

Being a Mean Mommy PAYS Off!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! We had a good Christmas, and today has been pretty good, too.

The kiddo and I were in the grocery store, waiting to check out. The man in front of us dropped some change, and the kiddo picked up a coin. Not certain if she was going to give it back to him, I motioned for her to do so, and she did (she probably wished she could keep it!). I told her that was the right thing to do and that it's good to be honest.

Well, the man in question apparently agreed with me, because he turned around and handed the kiddo a dollar for being honest. What a great lesson! Of course, the kiddo thanked him, and I did too. It may be December 26, but the Christmas spirit is still going strong.

Of course, the kiddo wanted to spend it on junk right away, but I put the kibosh on that. 'Cause I'm mean. I hope all of you have lots of pleasant surprises, too!

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