Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mean Mommy's Fun Revenge

If you have kids, you know how much they love to talk--usually loudly--when you are trying to have a phone conversation. You press the phone into your ear, attempt to plug the other ear, then run from room to room, trying to stay two steps ahead of the noise, usually asking "What? What?" as you go. (OK, surely that can't be just me.)

Out of frustration, I once threatened to annoy the kiddo when she was talking on the phone, and today I made good on my threat.

The kiddo was on the phone with the neighbor, asking if her friends could play. I was in a silly mood, so I decided to give the kiddo a hard time. So that she would know it was a joke, I said "I'm making noise! You're on the phone and I'm making noise"! My neighbor is a good sport, so she just laughed. And guess what--so did the kiddo. Well, she did also give me an eye roll and an exasperated "Mama!", but I was expecting whining (it had been that kind of day).

Now, though, I'm hoping that I can use this as leverage to keep her quiet while I'm on the phone. Not those marathon calls with my BFF (who doesn't mind talking to the kiddo, too), not those annoying telemarketing calls (I'd love to sic the kiddo on them!) but maybe those important calls...? Maybe? Now that the kiddo knows that I will do it and enjoy it, I might just have a chance.

You know you want to try this! If your child has phone privileges, you will have plenty of opportunities. If they don't have phone privileges yet, you will need to let them start talking to someone on a somewhat regular basis. Then, once they have a routine, you can warn them that if they don't let you talk on the phone, you won't let them talk on the phone. Making a joke out of it made my attempt a success, and now I can remind the kiddo of it the next time a call comes in...

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