Sunday, December 15, 2013

Who Wants to go See Drunk/Dirty/Dying Santa?

 Ahh...the magic of Christmas! If your kids are still young enough to believe in Santa, the season is extra magical for them. Unless Drunk/Dirty/Dying Santa messes it all up for your child. Here are some, well, less than magical Santa encounters. No, this is not a collection of those dreadful, hilarious and memorable photos of screaming children being forced to pose for a pic with St. Nick. (Although the pics turned out great! Santa*---not so much.)
"The one [Santa] at Viva la Cupcake last week looked good but as soon as J. was done he [Santa] started talking about how he was going to head over to the bar for a drink and then asked some adult woman to sit on his lap..."
Or the Santa that causes a child to make a face, like maybe he smells bad...
Or the Santa who tells Mom and Dad that he has just been diagnosed with Parkinson's...because the kids need to know that Santa's gonna die

 *We all know that there is only one real Santa. All the rest are his helpers, which is still an important job. However, maybe some of them should be fired...

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