Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Elf Just Couldn't Stay on the Shelf

I have said it before: those Elf on the Shelf things are kinda creepy. Aside from that, they are ridiculously expensive. I was tempted to find one on sale and join the elf-moving masses this year, but ultimately, I resisted temptation. That is not to say that we remained elf-free. No, not by any means. We did have an elf. Her name was Zoe, and she managed to come and go without being seen by anyone. Except maybe the cat, but he was in on the secret.

Zoe left notes for the kiddo (in elf penmanship, which looks a lot like, ahem, someone trying to write with their non-dominant hand), and she left a few presents (two before Christmas and one Christmas morning, in the kiddo's stocking). We also think we heard her in the house a few times (one time might have been the wind, and another time could have possibly been the result of something small being hurled into an empty room, but what do I know?). Zoe saw everything, yet was still encouraging to the kiddo, and even ran interference with Santa after a day of not-so-stellar behavior (Christmas Eve, wouldn't you know).

In the end, the kiddo still asked why we didn't have a "real" Elf on the Shelf, even though she enjoyed Zoe's visit. I was really feeling like I just couldn't win since I didn't cave in to the elf pressure, but then, after telling a friend about our elf adventures, I received the support I needed. You see, this friend is a "seasoned" mom--her children are adults. She commended my "intestinal fortitude" in not being swayed to do something just because it seemed like everyone else was doing it. In other words, I have the guts to do it my way. Yes, indeed, I do.

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