Friday, December 21, 2012

First Day of Vacation Down, 12 More to Go

I was teasing people on my personal Facebook page yesterday: "Today is the first day of [kiddo's] Christmas vacation, and for the most part she has been playing with a variety of toys and not pestering me (too much)...check out Mean Mommy tomorrow to find out my secret!" 

Here it is (drum roll, please!): First, I told her that I would really like to make a phone call to the North Pole to tell Hilda the Elf that the kiddo has been really good, instead of reporting bad behavior. Then, when she was complaining about not having anything to play with, I suggested that she play with some of her toys--as is, the ones in her room. After all, Santa won't bring her new toys if she doesn't appreciate the ones she already has. Unless, of course, she is through with them and she wants to give them away...After assuring me that she wants to keep all of her toys, she proved it by playing with a bunch of them.

That is my secret to how I managed to maintain my sanity today. It did get a bit dicey in the late afternoon, with some pestering going on (she lost the right to have any fizzy water because she bugged me about it one too many times) and some whining, but I have hope for tomorrow, but no plan.

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