Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Health is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Child!

I've posted before about the importance of limiting junk food; I believe that we also need to monitor our kids' food intake, even the healthy stuff. Obesity is skyrocketing in our country, and childhood obesity is on the rise as well. While treats are fine once in a while, we can't use food to bribe and reward our kids, even though at times we might be desperate to trade something yummy for a particular behavior. I will admit that when my kiddo was a toddler, I used food and drink as an incentive to get her to accompany me on errands and get back into her car seat without a fight ("OK, we need to go in here and get one thing, then you can have your grapes"). That was not only healthy food, it was her lunch! As, in, her midday meal, the only food she was getting until her post-nap snack. I know that my methodology wasn't the best, but at least I wasn't bribing her with junk. That tactic really saved my sanity, but I discontinued doing that when the kiddo was old enough for other consequences, like time out or losing her preferred toy if she didn't cooperate. Now, while she enjoys a treat now and then (or whenever she can get one!), food is not used as an incentive. She is at a healthy weight, and I don't have to log her daily fat intake or treadmill distance (click on the link for details).

The story that I'm sharing should make you take notice, and the  last two lines are the ones that pack the biggest punch. A child's health and self esteem are more important than parents not being "comfortable" with setting limits.

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