Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sock Drama = Comedy

We had been planning a play date at the park with all our friends, but the weather didn't cooperate. The original day was cold, windy, and blah, and there was still snow on the ground. The kiddo and I could suck it up, but for little kids and kids getting over colds, it wasn't a good idea. So, we tried again the following day, which was supposed to be in the upper 40's and sunny. Except it wasn't. Upper 30's, overcast...blah. I decided to venture out anyway. After all, fresh air is good for you and I hoped that it would tire the kiddo out--maybe even enough for a nap. (Stop laughing at my optimism. It was born of desperation, because I needed a nap so badly.)

Since the weather was wintery, I thought it would be a good idea to make the kiddo dress warmly. It was a challenge to get her dressed at all.  First, her underwear was uncomfortable, and she was thrashing around whining about it. That was right when a friend called, and I had to explain that the commotion was about underwear. The kiddo didn't see the humor in the situation, and got a bit upset that I was laughing at her. Honestly, I couldn't help it! Then, she didn't want to wear two pair of socks, so we compromised on knee socks--rolled over a couple of times, to keep her ankles warm. Then, she didn't want to wear her hat because it kept falling down over her eyes (after she stretched it out). OK, her coat has a hood. Good enough. When we got to the park, she left her mittens in the car. Sigh. I decided to let her learn the hard way. Eventually, she started complaining that she was cold (go figure).

After all the running and climbing and swinging at the park, we brought her buddy home with us for a while and the chaos continued at home. After he left, the kiddo still wasn't tired, so no nap. However, hubby got home early and I let him entertain the kiddo...and I took a short nap. I was right about how being outdoors can tire you out--or maybe it was the sock drama that did it for me.

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