Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pretty is as Pretty Does

In school today, two boys told my kiddo that she "isn't as pretty as Jane Doe". Now, I've seen Jane, and she is quite fetching. However, my kiddo is beautiful. (I know, I'm a wee bit prejudiced!) I reminded the kiddo of all the pictures of her are prominently displayed throughout the house, and told her how beautiful she is in them, but I didn't want to keep telling her how pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, attractive, stunning, etc she is. After all, "pretty is as pretty does". However, I did encourage her to tell those boys that what they said made her feel bad. I want her to stand up for herself. Not everyone will think she is pretty, but I want everyone to think that she is confident and assertive. The kiddo wanted to to reprimand her classmates, but she didn't think she would be able to find the courage to do so. I suggested that she practice in her head--look at the two boys and think "I didn't like what you said. It made me feel bad." Then, maybe the next time (or the time after that or...), she will say the words out loud. And if she also said, "well, you aren't as cute as E or C or T", even better. Confident, assertive, and badass.

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