Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fashion is a B****, and so is Mean Mommy

Confession time: I was really  mean today. Not to the kiddo, but to the hubby. I said "the 's' word" to him: "shut up". In front of the kiddo. Then I had to explain to her that I was in the wrong and that she should never, ever say that. Yikes. However, the real blame lies with some boy in the kiddo's class. Why am I so eager to pass the buck? Here's why:

I like to buy the kiddo cute clothes. When I can find them on clearance or at a consignment sale, I'm ecstatic. Such was the case with several pair of pants; knit pants, kind of like yoga pants. Not leggings, and not pajamas. Of course, the tops that you pair with this type of  pants determine whether or not they are pajama-esque. If they are too matchy-matchy and loose, they are jammies. If they merely coordinate and the top is somewhat structured, then they are not jammies. If you have a girl and haven't experienced this yet, take notes. If you have a boy, take notes, because fashion rules are important. If they aren't important to you, they still matter, because they may very well determine the course of someone's life.

So, the kiddo was wearing some knit pants to school, and a boy in her class told her that they looked like pajamas. Unless that boy is going to refund me the money I spent on those pants, he needs to keep his opinions to himself. The kiddo was upset and declared that she didn't want to wear that type of pants to school anymore. It's still OK to wear them for play clothes, and it's all right to wear them to church, though. The part about wearing them to church made me happy, because she has the cutest outfit of matching pants (knit--gasp!), t-shirt, and sweater, that are too nice to wear for play clothes.

Today before church, the kiddo gladly put on the aforementioned outfit, because she genuinely likes it. Hubby, however, decided to poke fun at her and ask "Are those pajamas?" It was said in jest, it was said with love, but now the kiddo is so goshdarned sensitive about that--and it was five freaking minutes before we had to leave and so there was no time to change her clothes--that I told him to shut up. We were late anyway, because I had to do damage control and, even though hubby apologized to the kiddo, she still was upset. Keep in mind that for the most part, it was pretend upset, but I still had to deal with it. So, I had to deal with some real upset and a lot of pretend upset, basically because males don't understand fashion.

It's true that you can (almost) never go wrong with a good pair of jeans, and khakis are suitable for just about any occasion, but, hey, knit pants have their place, too--but apparently, when you are 6-years-old, their place is limited, unless they are sweat pants. Yes, from now on, I will be more selective when I shop for the kiddo, but honestly, she needs to be more assertive in defending herself instead of just getting upset when someone criticizes her clothing options. However, I am in mama bear mode, and truthfully, I felt a little defensive, too, since I bought the outfit. The outfit that consists of a t-shirt, sweater, and KNIT pants. So, lesson learned, and I truly am sorry, and now I will shut up.

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