Monday, November 25, 2013

The Freak Out. Not the Disco Song.

A friend commented on my FB page re: yesterday's post:
"The thirsty in the car freak out. I know it well. And the "I'm hot" freak out has begun again, now that mine are wearing winter coats. Tiny ticking dirty bombs."
I thought, "Hmmm, the kiddo hasn't had an "I'm hot" freak out..." and I realized it's because she usually doesn't wear a coat or jacket in the car. A lot of the time, she doesn't wear a coat or jacket outside when it's cold, either*.

Today, we were heading back to the car after running an errand, and the kiddo asked me to turn the heat waaay up when I started the car. I asked why, and she replied that she was cold. I said, no, I didn't want to, because I would be too hot. Because I was wearing my coat. Her reply? "Oh...".

*I encourage coat wearing. Really. And I make the kiddo take a coat along when it's cold outside. I just can't make her wear it.

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