Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pain Sucks. Robaxin Rocks. Valium...Meh

Hello, there!

I took an unexpected "vacation" from writing, due to a back injury. Back spasms = ouch. I am now medicated and iced, and able to sit still long enough to write something.

The subject of pain is very deep and intense. I could write volumes on pain and my responses to it, but I'll keep it simple here: I don't like it. In fact, I go to great lengths to avoid pain, even though I'm tough enough to take it...sometimes. I have taught classes through raging migraines, hobbled around on broken toes, and we won't even talk about c-section incisions and breast feeding agonies. However, any pain in my midsection is enough to sideline me and have me screaming for mercy.

This past weekend, I went on a retreat with a wonderful group of people. Everything was great until the second day when I woke up with a stiff back. Just the bunk bed, I figured. It probably would have been OK...if I hadn't been tackled by a flying kiddo and knocked to the ground. The spasms started shortly after that, and got worse, and worse, until I begged hubby to look up the hours for the walk-in clinic.

I was seen by the doctor, and given a prescription for valium, but it didn't do much to mitigate the pain. I had to tell the kiddo to stay away from me--and to stay off me. No hugs, nothing. That made me feel like the worst mommy ever. Hubby had to go out of town, so I walked the kiddo to and from school yesterday, stopping every few feet to double over in pain while waiting for a spasm to stop. Finally, the doctor's nurse called, and was dismayed by my lack of improvement. Then...I got a new prescription! And, my father in law offered to get it for me! And, I got in right away for physical therapy!

Things are much better now, and the kiddo has been offering to help out as well as offering me hugs and kisses. I think the sight of me hunched over, tears streaming down my face as I begged her to just please help me out changed her perspective a bit. While I certainly don't recommend an injury as the best way to get your child's attention, the lessons it can impart can be very valuable. I'm hoping that the lasting lesson, though, is when I say "No! You might hurt me!", it will be enough to make the kiddo stop and reconsider what she is doing.

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