Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Fall Festival Ain't Much Fun if Mean Mommy Catches You Smoking

The kiddo's school put on their annual Fall Festival this weekend. There were games and prizes and face painting and a bouncy house. The kids could even go from the gym to the outdoor playground and an inflatable obstacle course. One mother thought that right there, outside the door, where everyone would have to pass to get to the playground, would be a good place for her smoke break. OK, she may want to hasten her demise (and honestly, at that moment, I wanted to hasten her demise, too), but on school grounds? Really? It's crappy parenting to smoke in front of your child, and school property is universally smoke-free. Her chemical dependency is not more important than our children's health. It's not more important than my health.

What really made me mad, though, was that nobody challenged her stupid decision. Well, nobody except for you-know-who. She just looked at me, but I'm sure the school administrator I complained to got a more positive reaction.

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