Monday, February 11, 2013

Might Doesn't Make Right

A large stature can make things easier for a bully; just his size alone may deter anyone from standing up to him. That's why I have to share this story of the kiddo's friend, A, who told a bully in no uncertain terms to leave her alone.

S is  the biggest kid in his Kindergarten class, and I thought he was a nice boy, but apparently he had been giving A a hard time for quite a while. Now, A is petite and sweet and always ready with a hug for my kiddo, but A reached the point where she had to make S leave her alone. So she got him down on the ground, pinned him, and said "Stop being so mean to me!". S was startled, but learned his lesson, and now the two of them are friends. A's mommy is proud of her daughter for standing up for herself, and I have a feeling that, when the time comes, A is going to make a great (mean) mommy.

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