Monday, February 25, 2013

When Following Through Sucks

Gah! It's time for me to follow through! The kiddo threw a fit this morning because her leggings were snug. She tried a pair of tights, but they were too--you guessed it--tight. Both are the correct size, but she is rebelling against snug-fitting clothes. That's annoying, but OK. However, she was trying to put on the leggings (and then the tights) so that she could wear a dress; she certainly can't go to school with bare legs in February, even with global warming. She suggested pants, but I really don't like the dress-over-pants look. After too much time spent listening to her whining and fussing and wasting precious morning minutes, I marched into the kiddo's room and took the offending leggings and tights--and the dress, too--and handed her jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. I told her that we will give those clothes away if they are so awful. Tonight before bed, I went through her closet and picked out dresses and jumpers that have to be worn with leggings or tights, and told her that we would give them all away to her friend A, who would look adorable in them. The kiddo became upset, saying that she loves her clothes and doesn't want to give them away.

Now, here's where I need to follow through. The dresses and jumpers are for winter, and though they fit her now, they might not next year. Trying to get the kiddo to wear the appropriate leg covering is futile and not worth the drama it causes. But...I love some of those dresses, too! I don't want to give them away yet. We compromised on two of them: the kiddo can keep them as nightgowns. But the rest...they are in a pile, waiting to be put in the bag going to A's mommy. Sigh.

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  1. For heavens sake, let her wear the dresses with bare legs. She'll survive, and if she changes her mind about not wearing leggings, it will be her choice, not yours. I never wore leggings as a child in Ohio, and the school dress code required that I wear dresses. Cold knees aren't the end of the world.