Monday, June 3, 2013

Declaring War

FD&C Red Dye #40, I hate you. Your sneaky disguises may fool my kiddo, but you can't fool me. Now, I realize that you are not as bad as, say, arsenic, but you are still pretty evil and insidious in my book. Yes, you and I go way back, I admit, but I don't like the things you've been doing to my child. It's almost like you flip a switch in her brain and make her act like a--dare I say it?--brat. Every time you come around, whether barging in or sneaking up on us, I have an overexcited, wound-up, ├╝ber-rambunctious kiddo bouncing off the walls. I don't mean ordinary kiddo behavior, I'm talking about out of control behavior, but ratcheted up, a lot. I don't like her behavior when she's with you, and I don't like how frustrated and irritated I get. I especially don't like how I react when you are here, yelling and saying things I'd rather not. Welcome to the inside of my trash can.

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