Thursday, June 27, 2013

Leave Me Out of It, I'm Switzerland!

As I have mentioned before (see: Pushy Mom Can't Keep Her Mouth Shut) I'm all for neutral, third parties reprimanding kids or at least pointing out that their behavior is unacceptable. And yet, so many neutral third parties want to maintain their Switzerland status and stay out of it.

Today at the gym, it was nearing the very last minute of my allotted child care time, so, after my second class of the day, I ran down to the kids' area (hello, extra workout!) to pick up the kiddo. However, I had left my bag upstairs and I had to take care of some other matters, so we headed back up. Oh, yeah, I checked her two friends out of child care and took them upstairs to deliver them to their mom, who was still up there. That wasn't the best idea, but my kiddo wasn't about to leave without them, and they were hopefully asking me if they were coming, too and reminding me that I am indeed allowed to check them out. So, upstairs we went...with the kiddo showing off for her two friends and acting as wild and crazy as her hair. I was talking to one of the trainers, interjecting our convo with reprimands directed at the kiddo, and I encouraged the trainer to go ahead and tell the kiddo if she was doing something she shouldn't (like, being upstairs in the first place) which he said, horrified, "I'm not yelling at your child!".  Oh, please. If I take her up there a few more times, he won't be so hesitant.

But, seriously, why are some people so reluctant to stay out of it? Fear of angering parents? Fear of appearing mean? Fear of causing a scene? After I explained that anything coming from me is likely to be perceived as mommy nagging, but will be better received from someone else with some authority, the trainer explained to the kiddo the rules of the gym. Will she remember them? Probably only if I yell at her...sigh.

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