Monday, June 10, 2013

Too Much Free Time? Really?

It was one of those blah days: cloudy, rainy, hubby was working from home, we had nothing scheduled...our first "real" day of summer vacation after being at the beach for a few days. So, why, then, did it feel like anything but vacation?

The kiddo was being annoying. That was hubby's word, not mine, but I couldn't bring myself to argue with him about it. The kiddo obviously wanted attention. There are no extra (meaning, school) rules to remember--if she runs or talks too loudly or doesn't pick up her toys, she will be scolded, disciplined if necessary, but there will be no bear changing its color to yellow. Today, we didn't rush breakfast, we didn't walk briskly across wet grass. We got up and ate our meals whenever we wanted, and went outside at will. Ideal, no? Well, no, I guess not. As I said, the kiddo wanted attention. Or stimulation. Or maybe she had too much stimulation. Music, toy noises, hubby and I talking were filling her ears at the same time. There were books and toys and my craft projects and the kitchen cabinets full of food and hubby's computer and the outdoors all competing for her line of vision. Perhaps she was overstimulated?

Are we suffering from a lack of structure? I admit that several times during the day, I didn't know what to do with myself. Oh, I always have plenty to do, but I didn't have anything pressing to attend to at a certain time. Could taking it easy be a bad thing for a 6-year-old?

I have Activity Boxes for her quiet time--which will be observed, every single day, darn it--and once I got a new toy* out for her, she calmed down and became quite engrossed in it. Then, she and hubby went to get groceries, then it was dinner and bath and books does seem like she does better with structure. I think I do, too.

*the Michael's version of Lite-Brite.

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