Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Can't Wait to Try This!

Tonight I was talking to some super-organized, super-insightful, and just plain super parents, and I am totally stealing an idea I heard:

In order to keep tattlers and complainers from interrupting every two minutes (seconds?), a teacher gave her students a notebook specifically for recording complaints. The kids felt that their issues were taken seriously, and the teacher got a bit of a break. I don't think she ever really read the comments, but she didn't need to, because the kids got their griping out of their systems. Plus, it served as extra writing practice for the kids. (For more great writing practice ideas, see You Know You Are A Mean Mommy When... and Another Note! .)

The kiddo needs some writing practice for over the summer, so I'm giving her a notebook tomorrow. Then I will have to give her lots to complain about ;)

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