Monday, June 24, 2013

Night, Night. Yeah, Right!

Last night, the kiddo was still up when I started watching True Blood. No worries, hubby read to her while I enjoyed my show, and I went in give her kissies and tell her good night. When the show ended at 10:00, though, she was still awake! I went in, turned off her light, and sat with her. I expected her to drift off to sleep right away...I was mistaken. She refused to fall asleep, and I was trying to delicately extricate myself from her room, thinking that she would go to sleep if I weren't there this time. The line from the popular book, Go the F*** to Sleep kept going through my head, but I gently continued to try to get her to lie still, close her eyes, and stop talking.

However, the cat decided to pay us a visit, but instead of greeting the kiddo or me, he went into the kiddo's tent. She tried to look for him, but I told her that he came in and went right back out. Then I saw him peeking out through the window of her tent and I laughed so hard that she sprang out of bed and went to find him. (Poor cat ran out of there as fast as he could!)

No, I didn't do a very good job of getting my kiddo to bed at a decent hour, but hey, it's summer. And by golly, the cat and the kiddo together make for good entertainment.

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