Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Ah, summer...

This past Saturday, hubby, kiddo and I went to a fantastic outdoor festival; there was live music, vendors, food, and wine tasting. Even though there were tents, I anticipated being out in the open much of the time, and I made sure that we were all slathered in sunscreen. All over. Except for two small patches on my back. Later that evening, my mistake became quite evident as those two patches turned lobster red. Ouch! Hubby put Solarcaine spray on my sunburn, and life went on...until yesterday. It started to itch. And itch. And itch. I sprayed it, but it took a while for the spray to work. In the mean time, I started to scratch it. Yes, I know, not a good idea. No, I don't want it to get infected. Here's where things got tricky. The kiddo didn't like seeing me writhing and twitching and squirming, so she offered to scratch it for me. Noooo! I knew that she was offering out of the goodness of her heart, sincerely wanting to ease my suffering, but I couldn't take the chance that she would hurt me by scratching too hard. So, over and over, I had to tell her "no", while trying to reach the affected area with a hairbrush. Not confusing or anything.

Being helpful is a big deal to kids, my kiddo included. There are many things that she wants to do that she can't do yet. Most things with knives, tools, cooking on the stove...I don't want to always tell her "no" and put a damper on her enthusiasm. So, yesterday, I gladly accepted her sympathy hugs and kisses, and then let her husk the corn for dinner.

Today she tried to touch my sunburn to rub the cream in, and I jumped a foot and screamed "don't touch it". I know, I know, she was just trying to help...

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