Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Opera Drives Me Bat5h!t Crazy!

In a perfect world, no one would annoy us, irritate us, or drive us crazy. We would live together in harmony, appreciating and valuing our differences. But no, not in reality. Every day--some days, multiple times--I must grit my teeth and suffer through the recurrence of a kiddo habit that drives me crazy. Well, there are several of them, but the one that is my current pet peeve is when the kiddo speaks and/or sings in an extremely high, shrill, screechy voice. It is so high, words are indistinguishable, except maybe to a dog. Once, I saw a glass vibrating and was certain it was going to shatter. Is the kiddo role playing--taking on the persona of a favorite TV character or imaginary friend? If so, should I yell at the offending character? Or is she channeling her inner Mariah Carey? No Grammy for you, my dear! Generally, I approve of her creative endeavors, unless they cause me pain. While I haven't yet had to pop an aspirin because of her shrillness, I can't say that I'm a fan.

So, my question is, do I have to put up with a habit that drives me bat5h!t crazy?

Mothering is the ultimate sacrifice: we give up part of our bodies to grow our babies; we sacrifice sleep to attend to them around the clock. We grudgingly accept the loss of huge chunks of hair while those extra pounds refuse to budge. Our schedules shift to accommodate play dates and mommy-and-me classes, then drop-off and pick-up, and finally, extra-curricular and after school activities.

Been there, done most of that. Why, then, should I also lose both my sanity and my hearing?

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