Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm Cutting You Off! End of Story!

It has been one of those days: one of those perfect, sunny not-too-hot-not-too-cold days, lots of fun stuff to do but not jam-packed. Ahh, summer...

It is 10:34 P.M. and I just go the kiddo to bed, and I'm fairly certain she's not asleep yet, even though she is exhausted. She was up early for camp, then played at home, then went to Nana's house and did lots more stuff while I was at a meeting. Heck, I'm tired, and I took a nap this afternoon.

But back to the kiddo. Kids thrive on routine, and even if bedtime gets pushed back a little (or a lot), the kiddo needs to stick to some semblance of her typical bed time routine: get a shower, brush her teeth, books/stories/snuggles/hugs and kisses. I have tried to have Nana read a few books to the kiddo before I pick her up on nights she has kept the kiddo, which works out fine because (1) the kiddo loves her Nana and (2) the kiddo loves books. However, those are bonus books, and she still expects the usual amount when she finally gets home and is ready for bed. Tonight she had an abbreviated shower (to wash off sunscreen and bug spray) and I only read her one book. Not the typical three or four or five. I was going to try to get away without even reading the one book, but it was clear that that was not an option. She argued half-heartedly for more, but gave up. It is 10:45 now, and very quiet. The kiddo must have fallen asleep...shhhhh.

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