Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mean Mommies Don't Get Vacay?

So, I took the week off. Well, from blogging. As a mommy, especially a mean mommy, I don't get a lot of time off. Hubby had some vacay time--most of which he spent working from home--so I decided to take it easy, too. (Yeah, right.)

During the week, we went berry picking, to a pool (the "Frog Pond", for you locals), a "cash mob", a "pub run", a local farmers' market, and a kids' race. Hubby and I also took a day off and took a day trip to do some wine tasting and then some shopping at Trader Joe's. Whew! With all the gallivanting around, I had plenty of opportunities for mean mommy moments. The highlights:
  • The kiddo insisted on doing the pub run with hubby and me. We didn't have a babysitter lined up, so we said OK. Big mistake. Although she can happy trudge along for over the 3-mile distance, she chose not to do so and complained the whole time. Hubby and I (mostly hubby) took turns walking with her, but she still complained. However, I had a little mishap and ended up bloody and bruised in two places. I kept running, reminding the kiddo how I had major boo boos and yet kept going.
  • Right after having seen her friends at the berry farm, the Frog Pond, and the race, the kiddo asked when she could have a play date with her friends. Excuse me? She got to see a whole bunch of her friends; I'm not sure who else she expected to see.
Another mom brought her kids to the kids' race, and she had some trouble with one of them:
"Don't you hate it when one of your kids behaves so inappropriately that despite your warnings, you have to leave an event, thus disappointing your other kid (and you). Luckily other kid isn't that bummed or else I'd have two pissy kids in their rooms. Gotta follow through and stay in control. And note to difficult kid, if you think I'm mean now, just wait until you're a teenager." -- mean mommies don't get time off...

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