Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Am Not Your Maid

Wow. Even my own mother--the kiddo's grandmother--called me mean.

The kiddo came in to get her bath, and must have been running around barefoot outside, because she left muddy/dirty footprints in the bathroom.

She probably left a trail from the door into the bathroom, but the prints were only visible on the white bathroom tile. I was on the phone with my mom while the kiddo was in the bath and while I was expressing my dismay over the added chore that I would have to do when it hit me--the kiddo left the footprints, so she should be the one to clean them up. She was not happy to hear that. It was at that moment that my mom declared that I was mean to make the kiddo clean up her mess. She added that I never had to clean the floor when I was a kid (probably because I cleaned my feet or took my shoes off before coming in the house!).

Before you start complaining that I am violating child labor regulations, please be advised that I cleaned up the majority of the dirt, but left enough for the kiddo to clean so that she would realize that I was justifiably annoyed by having to do it. I'm sure that this one incident won't be enough to discourage her carelessness, but if it happens again (and again, and again)--the dirt-tracking and the enforced cleanup--she will learn that it's better to take that extra moment to wipe her feet.

As for my mom, I can't be too mean to her...just a little ;)

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