Sunday, September 16, 2012

Averting Disaster

I haven't mentioned my other "kid" yet, the furry one. He is a big, wimpy, scardycat who stays inside. Frankly, I don't think he would last long outside; he's not much of a hunter, and everything freaks him out. This usually isn't an issue, because I am super vigilant about keeping the outside doors closed. Yesterday, though...

The kiddo had some friends over, and she was so excited about playing that she forgot the basic rule: "Shut the door!". Mr. Kitty got scared because I ran the vacuum cleaner and ran downstairs. Typical. But then I heard the kiddos outside and I went to check the downstairs door, and it was open. Naturally, I assumed that Mr. Kitty had gone outside--forbidden fruit (or, birds) and all--and I freaked out. There, uh, may have been threats directed at all the kids :(  but I was worried about my furry child.

After a frantic search and a lot of screaming, I found the doofus, in the spare room, hiding under the furniture. Apparently, the kiddos were making such a ruckus just outside the door, he ran the other way. So, he is smarter than I thought!

Mr. Kitty has been with us since before the kiddo, and he is an important member of the family. The thought of him being hurt by another animal or hit by a car makes my heart hurt. It makes me furious that the kiddo can't be more careful, especially when she knows the rule! Yes, Mean Mommy was at it again, but I'm not apologizing. My house, my cat, my rules!

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