Friday, September 14, 2012

Playing "The Mommy Card"

A friend posted on Facebook how disgusted she was to find that cashier/bagger at the supermarket had put her raw meat in the same bag with other items, especially produce. That's not only gross, but a potential health hazard. Salmonella or e-coli, anyone? Lots of her friends sympathized and offered suggestions, one of which was to explicitly request that meat be bagged separately. My friend, a busy mom of two young children, replied that she doesn't "have time to micromanage store employees". And you know what, she shouldn't have to. It seems like this is a basic food safety issue that the cashier should have learned in training, if not at home. But I think my friend should say something, because, as a mom, she gets a free pass. Let me explain:

A while back, I was in Target checking out, and the cashier coughed into her hand then reached for my items. Eeeew! I don't want extra germs, thank you very much. Now, as much as it might seem like I relish getting in someone's face, the truth is it makes me uncomfortable, but sometimes (ok, a lot of the time), I feel strongly that it must be done. I put my hand up and said "Stop! You need to use hand sanitizer". She looked at me like I was crazy. She halfheartedly looked around her register for some, but didn't find any. So I got mine out of my purse and offered her some. She just stared at me (probably thinking she should call security to get the crazy lady out of her line), but then I played The Mommy Card: I told her that I have a little girl, and I can't afford to for either of us to get sick.
 I didn't add that her mommy should have taught her better manners, but you know I was thinking it.

So, speak up and play The Mommy Card!

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