Friday, September 7, 2012

Politics Makes People Mean

Today I got into a discussion on Facebook about politics. I won't go into detail here because this is not a political blog, and I know when it's best to keep my opinions to myself, unlike some people. Oh, there I go again, being mean.

One of the participants in the discussion told me to "stop being mean to Jane Doe because she is a nice person". Excuse me, but voicing my opinions is not mean. Pointing out inconsistencies in her arguments and  statements that contradict one another is not mean. If I had called her names and insulted her mother, now that would be different.  I need to mention that the FB poster has called a particular politician names, insulted his mother, and criticized his wife's derriere, yet I get called out for pointing out that her argument didn't make any sense. So I kept commenting, which was kinda mean. We have such differences in opinion, there really is no point in having a discussion.

With a major election coming up, we need to get ready for the ensuing campaigning--backstabbing, name calling--meanness x infinity. I need to not get carried away, and to keep my meanness in check and where it belongs--depriving my kiddo of excessive amounts of sweets, tv, bad manners and attitude and calling out stupidity appalling manners bad parenting poor decisions when I see them. Hey! Maybe I should run for office! Vote for Mean Mommy!

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