Sunday, March 17, 2013

Birthday Presents

Hello! It's good to be back. The computer has been fixed, and I'm hoping that I will be blogging regularly once again.

While I have been busy dodging the usual parenting bullets, some big things have been happening. The biggest has been the kiddo's birthday. She turned 6 last week!

I really appreciate when family and friends ask me for suggestions for birthday presents; that way, I can give them ideas about what the kiddo really likes and wants. Another benefit, though, is that I get to discourage them from giving her something that is forbidden (like anything Justin Bieber, lol).

This year, things were going well. The kiddo received some good gifts--non-flame-retardant pajamas, books, Legos--and then a couple sketchy ones. The one in particular that gave me pause was a makeup set--yes, for 6-year-olds. I read the ingredients (which I do for products I buy for myself, so of course I check extra-carefully on things for the kiddo) and was dismayed to find multiple parabens and terephthalates. The terephthalates, being the more toxic of the two, were only in one product, so I threw that out and agreed to let the kiddo keep the ones that only contained parabens. (They will inevitable get left out somewhere they don't belong, then I will have the chance to toss them, too.) The kiddo asked me why she couldn't have the the lip gloss that got thrown out, and I explained that they contain a type of phthalate, but that her friend didn't intend to give her something she can't have. She understood, and realized that "they just don't know that phthalates are bad for you". I am so proud of my kiddo! She is aware that there are some things that I just will not budge on, and that I may be strict/uptight/unreasonable, but it is for her own well-being.

In case you are interested, here is a concise article about phthalates (what they are, what they are used for, and, most importantly, how they can affect one's health), but really, all you have to do is google "phthalates" and you will find a plethora of sites relating to them.

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