Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Great Toy Cull

It's that time of year--the kiddo's birthday! I have some (hopefully) awesome gifts for the kiddo, and I'm sure she will get a bunch more from family and friends at the small party we are throwing for her. In anticipation of  her b-day celebration, I have already started this year's Great Toy Cull. (Actually, this is part of Operation Clutter Reduction Action Plan, aka Operation C.R.A.P.). Would you believe that I have already thrown out no less than five whistles/harmonicas/flutes? I didn't even bother counting the broken crayons that got tossed into the trash. Then there are the tiny body parts from some poor, dismembered, forgotten doll. Loose beads from a busted bracelet? Long gone.

The thing is, if the kiddo saw all of the crap I was throwing away, she would be devastated and would no doubt throw a huge tantrum. But guess what? I tossed it while she was in school--and covered my tracks by hauling it out to the big garbage can so she wouldn't discover it--and she hasn't noticed that the crap is gone. If I had put away her Hello Kitty or doll house or remote control car, she would have noticed right away. However, the small, plastic pieces of plastic? They are good for a moment's diversion or distraction, but they don't really matter. So, I have decided that I don't mind the kiddo getting cheap junky stuff (hello, treasure box and prize box!), and I will patiently bide my time and toss the junk when the kiddo loses interest.

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