Thursday, March 28, 2013

Do Not Pass Go. Go Directly to Jail

Mean Mommy A's 15-year old son, E, had been driving for a few years, moving cars around the lot at his dad's auto repair business. One day, he decided to take his grandparents' fancy sports car for a ride. E knew that his grandparents wouldn't agree (even if he had been of age), so he carefully plotted out his scheme. E visited his grandparents, took the car keys and hid them outside the house. Later that night, he sneaked out of his house, rode his bike back to his grandparents' house, and found the keys. He drove off in the sports car to pick up his girlfriend to take her for a joyride. E's grandparents didn't notice when he drove off in their car, and were shocked when the police called and told them that their grandson had stolen it. It seems that E's girlfriend wasn't as skilled at sneaking out of the house, and her parents busted them. When A was notified by the police, she made a really tough decision: she let E spend the night in jail to teach him a lesson. A understood that her son had put a lot of effort into planning out his adventure, and needed to realize that it was a serious offense and not just a joke. If he hadn't been adequately punished, who knows what he might have tried next? (E is now an adult and as far as I know, a model citizen! Mean mommies know best!)

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