Saturday, March 30, 2013


It is Easter time! No matter how you celebrate, there is a good chance that your kids have been inundated with candy. Jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs...This year, I have noticed some new go-to holiday treats that are not candy: pencils, rings, pencil sharpeners, erasers...but candy is still the big thing. Have you noticed that candy has even found its way into St. Patrick's Day festivities? Some leprechauns actually leave candy after playing their mischievous pranks. Another holiday, another reason to buy mountains of candy, complain that your kids are jacked up on sugar, then express concern over child obesity.

As a child, I loved getting my Easter basket, because it was full of treats I couldn't get anywhere else. I didn't get candy at church--I had to sneak in candy from my Easter basket to eat covertly during mass (and my dad always busted me, but I shared with him so it was OK). There was no Easter candy at school--hello, Easter is a religious holiday. Separation of church and state, people! My extended family normally had a big Easter dinner, which of course included dessert, but no additional candy.

It seems like we have forgotten the concept of  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

This year, the kiddo had an egg hunt at school, big family dinner @ Nana's house with dessert, egg hunt @ Nana's, treats from the Aunties, and there will be an Easter can hunt at church (with candy as the reward). This all comes on top of the kiddo's birthday, plus a bunch of other birthday parties that she has attended, all complete with cake, most with ice cream, and many with goody bags filled with candy.

I, myself, feel kind of blah from all the extra goodies I have been eating (and I only eat the good stuff), so this year, I decided that the Easter Bunny is going to be quite stingy. There are only going to be a few goodies in the kiddo's basket, plus some eggs for her to find. I mean, isn't an Easter basket also supposed to hold the eggs you find on an Easter egg hunt? It's not supposed to already be crammed full when you get it, right?

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