Monday, March 18, 2013

Glamorous? Not so Much.

This morning, the kiddo took a little extra time getting ready for school. She was in her room for a bit longer than usual; I checked on her and found that she was applying makeup from her new makeup kit that she had received for her birthday. There are what seem to be lip glosses in a pot with applicator brushes, but the kiddo is certain that they are eye shadows. (The package didn't list any eye shadows, so I'm pretty sure they are lip glosses [terephthalate free], but I'm not going to argue this one.) It's most likely the applicators that are making her think they are eye shadows, but the crazy part is that I don't normally wear eye shadow, so I'm not sure how she even knows about it.

Anyway, the kiddo asked me if she looked "better", and I said "absolutely not", for two reasons. First, imagine what you would look like with goopy, Vaseline-type stuff around your eyes (pink, no less). Second, I don't want the kiddo to think that she only looks pretty when she has junk on her face. I told her that she looked glamorous, but that she always looks pretty. I also reminded her that she is beautiful without anything on her face.

After walking the kiddo to school, I recounted our conversation to hubby, and suggested that he follow my lead and tell her that she looks glamorous, sparkly, or made up but not better, prettier or more beautiful. I'm thankful to report that we are on the same page about this.

Tonight, she came strutting out of her room with more "eye shadow", an old dress, and her princess shoes and announced that for Career Day at school, she wants to dress as a model. Who is filling her head with this baloney? While I have often considered trying to get the kiddo booked as a child model--she is super cute, after all--that's not my idea of the perfect career for her. When I figure out who is encouraging this, I may have to track them down and beat them over the head with the make up kit.

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