Monday, March 25, 2013

I Swear I'm Gonna Hibernate Until the Weather Gets Better!

OK, this mommy is tired of snow days! The snow itself has lost its appeal, and even the kiddo is losing interest. She does, however, insist on going out, getting her pants and socks soaking wet, coming in, changing them, going back out...the cycle just goes on and on.

Playing outside in the cold is great exercise, and I encourage the kiddo to run run run and tire herself out (it was in the 40's so she wasn't in danger of frostbite, and the way she runs, hypothermia isn't an urgent concern). All of the in-and-out, however, really frustrated me. I don't remember ever getting away with that. It was either go out and stay out until I was exhausted, or stay in.  Every time the kiddo came in, I had to remind her to take off her boots at the front door and to not hold the door open. Every single time. And I got very frustrated by the growing pile of laundry.

It is officially spring; the weather will catch up soon enough, and spring brings its own set of problems. Right now, though, they don't seem nearly as annoying as slushy snow and chilly temperatures.

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