Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bitchy Dads

Hubby had work to do on the computer, and what was the kiddo doing? Disrupting him by shouting, hanging on him, crawling under the table and jostling the table legs and his chair, breathing on him...that was not really misbehaving, but his attempts to get her to cease and desist were met with fierce resistance, which was misbehaving. This, of course, made him grumpy, so he ended up yelling.

I have so been there. If something requires concentration--sorting out a bill, double checking my math, reading anything more complex than a comic strip, writing a blog post--it doesn't get done if the kiddo is cavorting about. Between worrying about her hurting herself and damaging something or spilling something or even trying to tune her out, my brain shuts down. Serious tasks are accomplished by working in a secret hiding place or yelling at the kiddo until she realizes that I am serious about the task at hand and will continue to yell until I get it done. Let's be honest; nobody wants that. But the truth is that I don't really I manage to get anything cerebral done when the kiddo is around. I tend to do housework, cooking, and craft projects done--things that she can help with-- and save the stuff that requires brain power for when she is in school or asleep. Hey, maybe that's why hubby stays up so late...

Back to hubby; he hasn't mastered the art of Making Sure You Get Your Crap Done yet. He needs to find a balance between "I love you, please let me work" and "Ahhhwrrrrrrrgh!". That balance does exist. Somewhere. Maybe not in my house...

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