Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All Mommies Must Do This!

Part of being a Mean Mommy means fiercely protecting yourself  as well as your children. After all, 

"If a fire isn't stoked, it soon turns to ashes. MAMAS... Take care of yourselves!!! You have a passion, a beauty, an energy that your children and husband need to see and feel. Your fire will help your entire family thrive. Don't neglect YOUR FIRE!!!" ~Susi Sivkov

I know that when I neglect myself, it turns into a vicious cycle. Once I start neglecting myself, I go into survival mode. I put all my energy into taking care of my kiddo, which leaves me less and less time for the things that re-energize me, and my energy levels drop even further.

So, all you Mean Mommies, this coming Sunday is Mother's Day! While it's not cool to demand presents, if you are asked what you would like, choose something that will stoke your fire. It could be time to read, solitude to listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite TV show without interruption, being able to go out with girlfriends or do an activity you enjoy but too often give up...or it could be preparing a meal with your family instead of for your family, taking a long walk or hike with your family, getting everyone in their best outfits and on their best behavior for a family photo shoot...the possibilities are endless!

Feel free to leave a comment telling me what stokes your fire!

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