Friday, May 24, 2013

Wet Feet and Squishy Toes

Spring is finally here, and the weather has been beautiful. Perfect for a walk to and from school! True, there has been quite a bit of rain, and the ground has been rather squishy and spongy. But then, even on rain-free mornings, there is a good bit of dew on the ground on a normal warm morning. Hubby and I have been walking the kiddo to school since last August, so she should know by now that wet ground is a possibility. Now that the weather is warmer, though, she wants to wear her sandals and take her sneakers for gym. That's all very well and good, but her feet get wet on the morning walk to school. No big deal--mine do, too. That's why I wear my hiking shoes and take them off when I get back home. Hubby dries his wet shoes on a towel we keep by the door. The kiddo has insisted on wearing her sandals on the walk to school, and the natural consequence of that is--you guessed it--wet feet.

The other day, though, the kiddo's wet feet were more than she could tolerate; she had started complaining about them the second they hit the grass. Since going another way is not an option, we kept going. With every step, the kiddo's complaining and whining increased, in frequency, intensity, and volume. Hubby tried to make light of the situation by reminding the kiddo that "some kids don't even have feet" (wth is that about??) She was so irate that she didn't care if her classmates saw her having a fit over wet toes. Hubby and I have given her some options: wear rain boots, wear sneakers, wipe off with a towel...nope. Kiddo wants to wear sandals. So, I did the only thing I could do: I laughed and sent her into school.


  1. I don't have feet, so I have no sympathy for whiny kids who can't take a little bit of water on their shoes. Let that kid walk a mile in my...umm...Just tell her to be thankful that she has shoes.

  2. I don't have sympathy for her in this case, either (and she's my kid!). It's a minor discomfort, and she has to learn to just suck it up. I'm sorry you don't have feet, though. That must be difficult.