Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Betrayal is an Ugly Thing

I'm feeling the bitter sting of betrayal today.

First, my body decided to betray me. I have been taking good care of it, eating healthy food, trying hard to avoid sweets and succeeding most of the time, and actually exercising. That means that the shin splints and the sinus infection hurt even more than they normally would. How could you, body? I've been doing everything right!

Then, my kiddo betrayed me. Even though I feel crappy, I took her to a friend's house for a water balloon fight, which lasted all of 2 minutes (as long as it took them to go through a ginormous bucket of water balloons) but we hung out for a while afterward. Imagine my surprise when she (1) jumped in the car and pretended to drive, pressing the gas pedal all the way down; (2) once we got home, grabbed hubby's sprinkler so she could play with it outside; and (3) wouldn't come in from the garage.

Now, I don't know much about cars, but I do know that, at least in the "olden days", "putting the pedal to the metal" could flood the engine. I also know--as does the kiddo--that hubby's tools and accoutrements are off limits unless she has his permission to use them. And it goes without saying that she is not allowed to play unsupervised in the garage, due to the aforementioned tools and accoutrements. So my question is, WHY? After a wonderful afternoon, WHY ruin it all by making me mad? I even had to yell, and even though I don't still have this morning's Crazy Demon Voice, my throat wasn't amused.

What's next? Is the cat going to betray me? Will I find a puddle on the floor?

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