Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Hair-Raising Morning

Yesterday, the kiddo was late for school for the very first time, because of a "bad hair day". Seriously.  She had wet it with a spray bottle as usual, then wanted to style it all by herself, and, well, I dropped the ball and wasn't paying enough attention to see that she used a lot of styling product--all on the top of her head--and didn't brush it. Then, the product dried. Oh...

We were out the door when I finally noticed that the kiddo had sticky helmet head. I just couldn't let her go to school like that, so we went back inside and I struggled to get the brush through her hair. Of course, my efforts went unappreciated and the kiddo was concerned about being late for school. When we got to the school and I had to state the reason we were tardy, I said that the kiddo and I had had a fight over her hair. The secretary, a curly girl herself, nodded and tried not to laugh.

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