Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This is Pinterest-Worthy! I Don't Care if it Tickles!

I don't enjoy shopping that much, unless it's in a book store. Shopping with the kiddo really tests my patience, even/especially when it's for something for her. We still agree on clothes and shoes, so it's usually easier if I go by myself and pick out things for her. She tends to pick out things that are a.) pink; b.) sparkly; c.) way too expensive; or d.) all of the above, but she generally likes the items I choose (even when they are none of those things).

Clothes shopping is still fairly easy; the kiddo wears the size that corresponds with her age (right now, a '6'). Shoes, however, have me perplexed. They have to fit right, or else they won't be comfortable, and shoes can rarely be fixed like clothes can.

What to do?  Here's my solution: I had the kiddo put her bare foot on a piece of paper, and I traced it. I cut it out and put it in my purse to take shopping with me. A simple solution, except that it tickled! My poor kiddo was giggling and squirming because my pencil tickled her foot. A small price to pay, I say!

I do love me some good clearance rack! Here's a pair I found at Old Navy:
She will be wearing those shoes in no time, probably during this school year (with thick socks during the cold months).

I'm hoping that I can use this trick to get some shoes for next spring and summer, based on her current size and an estimate of how much her foot might grow by next year.

Give it a try and tell me if it works. See you at the clearance rack!

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