Sunday, September 15, 2013

Darn You, Mama Snooty Pants

My kiddo has an awesome memory. She heard a song on the radio and remembered it from a class she took earlier this year. She also remembered the little girl from her preschool who was  in the class with her, and that they share the same birthday, and that I had suggested that the two of them should go out for a birthday treat. Then she recalled that we never did go out to celebrate their birthday as we had discussed. Uh oh. Um, yeah, we never did that. I was amenable to it, but the other girl's mommy was...well...not. Oh, don't get me wrong--she was polite enough, but totally uninterested in associating with us. Now, granted, I am more enthusiastic about arranging play dates for the kiddo when they are with those friends of hers whose moms I like. I mean, it's more fun when there's something in it for me, too. So, anyway, I wasn't brokenhearted that Mama Snooty Pants wasn't interested. But then, after I suggested the birthday treat, she started sitting in a different part of the waiting room while our girls were strutting their stuff. Okaaaay...I was a little taken aback, but, whatever.

So, back to my convo with the kiddo: she asked why we had never followed through with our plan for a birthday treat. Uh, I knew the answer to that, I just had to phrase it correctly for the kiddo. "I don't carry a designer purse" or "Our car didn't cost enough" are probably spot-on, but not appropriate. "My nose isn't up in the air enough" is accurate, but not quite right, either. Responses such as "She is intimidated by our curly hair" and "We are too interesting for her" most likely have an element of truth to them, but I didn't feel comfortable blurting them out, either. I had to find an answer that would effectively answer the question, but that wouldn't sound too bitchy in case the kiddo ever repeated it. I settled on on "Her mommy just doesn't want to be friends with us".

I am not dying to be friends with Mama Snooty Pants, but I must admit I was slightly annoyed that she couldn't find it in her heart to let our girls have a birthday date. My kiddo--and hers, too, I'm sure--has other friends that she sees regularly.  A one-time trip to the ice cream parlor would have been something to look back on fondly, but I don't think that anything else would have come of it, since they don't see each other regularly. I could suck it up for an hour. Too bad she couldn't. Now, thanks to her awesome memory, the kiddo will forever remember that I owe her a birthday treat with that little girl. Darn you, Mama Snooty Pants!

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