Monday, September 9, 2013

Never Trust a Kid With a Hose

Over the weekend, we were out and about, driving around on dirt roads, and the car looks it. It really needs a good wash, which I didn't get around to today. The kiddo noticed the grimy car and offered to wash it. While her intentions were presumably good (although you never can be sure), her offer would have caused me extra work--backing the car out of the garage, turning on the water, getting her some supplies--and I had to worry about other things, like, you know, cooking dinner. However, the kiddo was adamant about washing the car--to the point that I became suspicious, if you know what I mean. So, stalling for time while I tried to determine her true intentions, I noticed that there was ink on the kitchen table. Hmmm...I figured that since she was determined to wash something, why not the kitchen table, since she most likely was the culprit who had left the ink. When I suggested it to the kiddo, though, she vehemently refused. Aha! I think I was right about her having an ulterior motive for wanting to wash the car, but I haven't determined what. Yet. And my kitchen table still needs to be washed. She is right about the car, though. I'm going to the car wash tomorrow, so if she's that determined to wash something, it's gonna be the table.

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