Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Confessions of a Band-Aid Smuggler

Who invented these "butterfly" band-aids, and what exactly are they for?

I resorted to using them because we were completely out of any that actually cover up any kind of boo boo (see my post about band-aids and bleeding here). We go through an unreasonable amount of band-aids here in my house, because the kiddo sees them as accessories rather than first aid items.

Anyway, here's the deal: I walk the kiddo to school in the mornings when the grass is wet. While she has a pair of cutesy rain boots or wellies, I wear my cutesy hiking sneakers. Unfortunately, a trip to the berry patch a few months ago resulted in dirty, wet, and ultimately stinky shoes, so I washed them. Now, they look and smell better, but the material is now very stiff, and has given me a blister on the back of my ankle. I will keep these shoes until they fall apart, because nobody will want them because of the blood stains. In time, the rough area of the shoe will soften up, but until then, I have to wear a band-aid over my oozing, bleeding ankle. (I could wear other shoes, but they would get all wet. I don't have any wellies.) The kiddo has used all the other band-aids, and all I could find was the box of butterflies.

Using that type of band-aid got old real fast, because it didn't really cover, while the kiddo was in school, I bought a new box of band-aids--the real kind: full size, and in funky neon colors--and I sneaked them into the house.

These are mine mine (almost) all mine! I tossed some in an relatively unused drawer in the bathroom and hid the rest in my dresser. In the event of an actual boo boo requiring care, I will magically find one for the kiddo, but until then, whenever I need one, I will magically find one for myself or mysteriously wear the "same" band-aid for days on end.

Clever and thinking on my feet, or unreasonably mean mommy? Listen, the kiddo wastes band-aids, and sometimes I need them. We have enough for true boo boo emergencies, but it's better to stride comfortable than limp pitifully.

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