Tuesday, September 17, 2013

When Crafts, Crap, and Comedy Come Together

A lot of things came together today, and made for one funny experience.

First, I met up with a guy I was in contact with through a bartering website in order to pick up an (alas, empty) tequila bottle from him that I might possibly use in a Pinterest project. We met at the Kroger near the airport (for you local peeps) at 6:45 pm, a time when there are all types out shopping for their groceries.

After we identified one another and I determined that the odds of this guy being a serial killer were not very great, I followed him to his car and got the bottle. I only had to carry it across two aisles of the parking lot to get back to my car, but in doing so, I got fairly close to one car in particular. A dirty, nasty car with a dirty, nasty man in it. This man also had a dirty, nasty mouth and was using it to cuss out a child he was getting out of a car seat. Uh oh.

For the record, I think that man is a horrible caretaker, but I'm not stupid to go up to him, tap him on the shoulder and tell him so. It wasn't even worth my while to ask him to tone it down, because, hey, if he drops the f-bomb in front of a child in his care, it's likely that he would just transfer his invective to me.

Here's the kicker: I had the kiddo with me. As I've mentioned before, exposing a 6 year old to the f word is not acceptable. So...I carried out my plan mentioned here, except that my original, cute song completely escaped me, and I fell back on that old favorite, "Jingle Bells". However, I did remember to sing it loudly and horribly off-key. An older woman witnessed the whole thing, understood what I was doing, and gave me a big smile. That meant so much to me, because it could have been ugly. I'm not just talking about Mr. Dirty Potty Mouth. No, it just didn't look good that I was walking across a parking lot, carrying an empty tequila bottle and singing a terrible rendition of a Christmas song in September.

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