Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not "Like"-ing This

Even before the kiddo, I would get really peeved when I put a lot of time into something only to have it messed up, making my work all for nothing. Now, as a mom, I get even more upset. I mean, there are so many things I could be doing--things that could save my sanity--and it's irritating to have to skip them because I need to redo something. Mommies, you all know what I mean: you help kiddo pick out clothes, the s/he decides to wear something else. Or you fix breakfast only to have it rejected. Even if you practice tough love (kiddo has to choose different outfit/fix his or her own breakfast), you most likely will be hijacked by a feeling of irritation and probably have to put away the rejected clothes or food. Extra work eating into your time. I understand, and I don't like it.

Now, I have found out that Facebook is messing with my posts, and my readers (not a huge amount, but a few faithful ones nonetheless) haven't seen the links to my blog posts. This is a fairly new blog, and I don't do anything fancy-schmancy--I just learned how to get a link to open up in a new window, for Pete's sake--but I write from the heart about a subject very dear to me. When I realized that FB was only showing my posts to "close friends"--and I don't even have any lists set up, so there's nobody on that list--I wanted to go up to Mark Zuckerberg and smack him and tell him to stop f*****g with things. I mean, I don't have time for half of the important things I want to do, much less dealing with his whims. I don't "like" this!

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