Sunday, January 20, 2013

You Don't Need More Holes in Your Head

Mean Mommy "H" is not a fan of body piercings, not even double ear piercings. When her teenage daughter asked permission for a second piercing in her ears, H said "No way". However, H's husband was easily swayed by his daughter's pleas and secretly took her to the mall to get it done. It went well until the poor girl passed out, fell and hit her head on the hard floor. Worried about a concussion, the dad took his daughter to the emergency room. However, H was listed as her daughter's emergency contact, so the hospital called her and gave her all the details. Furious, H went to the hospital and stormed into the exam room to find her husband and daughter hanging their heads, unable to make eye contact, knowing they were busted. H made certain that her daughter was OK, then announced "I'm going home" and left her husband and daughter to all the paperwork and formalities.

I'm taking notes.

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